Thursday, May 19, 2011

Get a job through networking: simple strategy and dialogue

My friend landed a job recently and I asked him how he initially found out about the position - "A friend of mine works there."

Chalk another one up to networking.

When you are looking for a job you need to network. Spend some time writing down names of friends and family. Start with names of those that work in your field or in your desired field. DON'T STOP there. Write down all the names you can. Their company may be looking for someone in your field.

Call your friends and family and tell them that you are looking. Say, "if there's a way you can help would you be willing to help me in my job search?" (word it how you would like)

Great. Ask them if they have a minute to learn about what you do. Tell them specifically what you are looking for: your industry, type of company - large or small, position specifics.

Be specific and brief. Don't bore them or overload them with too many details. That's counterproductive.

Ask if their company looks for people with your skill set?

If there's not a job opening at their company or they just don't think their company is hiring, find out if their company has someone that does what you do. If yes, ask if they know that person well and if it would be alright to talk with him/her.

KAAAACHOW! - As my kid and I quote Lightning McQueen.

You've just connected yourself with a possible hub. Most professionals stay connected with other professionals in their field or at least they stay aware of openings, etc. You should have a lot in common so chat it up and then find out if they know of anything opening up anywhere.

Repeat these steps with anyone who will listen. That's an important point. If someone is not interested in helping you, let it go. DON'T pester your friends and family. If they don't want to help you, just go on to the next person. Keep scaling the process out. In other words start with your closest friends and family, then past coworkers, similar professionals in your field, anyone who will listen off the street - like the gentleman who stood on Wallstreet wearing a job wanted poster.

You get the picture start with the well known and branch out until you've spoken with everyone on the planet. If you've spoken to everyone on the planet and still have not found a job, just give up! NO, start over again.