Thursday, October 20, 2011

Subtle yet Impactful Word Usage in an Interview

Yesterday, I'm sitting in an interview asking the candidate some questions. As he's answering, I realize that this guy is talking different than some of the other folks that I've interviewed for this position.

The specific question at hand was about his management style. He answered like most people, talking about guidelines, performance, creativity, efficiency, etc. What I noticed was in between all the standard answers was some subtlety. He talked about adding a personal touch to the work, respectfully working with others, progressing the teams abilities and careers.

What came across to me was that this guy really is passionate about what he does and what's more, he cares about others and how he can contribute to them. It was a subtle taste of prose in between his hard line answers that I noticed.

That subtlety of genuine excitement about his job and desire to help others achieve the success that he has set him apart from other candidates. Hopefully, this can help you do the same and set yourself apart from others in your interview.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

If you're looking for a job, "don't be a fool" with your social media!

Well, it has happened again. One of my clients was considering a candidate for a position, but after some online research they decided to pass.

So my client went online to check out this candidate and found just one "web gem" that caused them to question. They found a photo that insinuated some pretty disturbing behaviors that you would not want an employer to see. I'll refrain from indicating exactly what it was, but it was of a sexual nature and nothing to do with sexual preference. Yeah that's how disturbing it was!

Anyway, they even decided to give the person the benefit of the doubt and continue with the interview, but as they say, first impressions are lasting impressions.

Word to the wise... be careful what you post in your social media forums, because employers access them. As they should. They are trying to hire people that will represent their company well and not embarrass them with off the clock shenanigans. I guess you should've grown up watching the A Team. Just take Mr. T's advice and "don't be a fool."