Friday, August 17, 2012

Some good interview questions

I came across this article and liked the interview questions it had:

5 Questions Great Job Candidates Ask Interviewers

Just remember to ask these questions within a pertinent context of the position you're interviewing for. These questions portray that you are a results driven person and that's what matters most to employers.

I also like the question about their employees' culture. After all in an interview you are investigating them just as much as they're investigating you.

Just a few more arrows for your quiver.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

His cell phone's ring back lost him the job.

You see a great job post online that seems to be just the right fit. You call in. After speaking with the recruiter, you both agree that this is a good fit. The recruiter sends your resume over to the hiring manager. The hiring manager picks up the phone and dials your number. As he waits for you to answer the voice of a popular adult cartoon show comes on, "I'd love to stay and chat but you're a total &!+$#." He hangs up with out leaving a message and you never know he called.

As a week goes by you are anxious so you call the recruiter back letting him know you are still interested. The recruiter calls the hiring manager. He tells the recruiter that he is looking for respectable professionals not kids he has to babysit.

Everyone loses. Unfortunately, this actually happened. If you're looking for a job you may want to recheck your ringbacks and VM playbacks to make sure this doesn't happen to you.